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Science Seminar Series: Electrical stimulation to promote bone tissue growth

  • Alderley Park Conference Centre (map)

Join Professor Sarah Cartmell, University of Manchester for our first of the science seminars in 2019 and discover electrical stiimulation to promote bone tissue growth.

Seminar abstract:

The growth of new bone tissue in vitro requires a variety of different factors that need to be controlled and optimised. One of these factors that has previously not been considered for bone tissue engineering is electrical stimuli. Given that bone is piezoelectric in nature, it is feasible to assume that local electrical regimes have an effect on osteogenesis. There are clinical products currently on the market that deliver electrical currents locally via a cathode to fracture sites. These products demonstrate significant clinical improvements in bone repair.

We have recently designed a variety of different bioreactors to both house the developing tissue and also control the applied electrical stimuli in either capacitive or direct contact methods to in vitro cultures.


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