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Become an Inbox Zero Superhero: Workshop

  • Alderley Park Conference Centre (map)
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This practical workshop is ideal for anyone who uses email in their day-to-day life – and even more so for those who feel overwhelmed by their inbox.

In just 3 hours, you’ll gain your ‘Inbox Zero Superhero’ status, ready to take a fresh approach to how you handle your email in a fast-paced session involving training and discussion of the Inbox Zero philosophy. But don’t worry: you won’t need super speed to keep up. Most importantly, you’ll be implementing the mindset and process right here at the workshop on your own email system!

Note: You will need to bring your laptop with you, with your email system on it.

What you will learn:

  • Discover why email isn’t working well for us, and how we can make managing unruly inboxes less tedious

  • How to cope better when faced with an overwhelming influx of emails

  • Gain freedom from your inbox, leaving you to focus on the big stuff

  • Stop your inbox distracting you throughout the day

  • How to ensure important emails never slip through the cracks

  • Track how others are responding to your emails (and whether they’re doing what you’ve asked)

  • How to batch-process incoming emails

  • Understanding the importance of organising and actioning emails

  • The art of responding to people quicker

  • Creating simple processing and reference folders that actually work

  • Get your own inbox right down to zero. Most people achieve this by the end of the workshop

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