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Science Seminar Series: Nanomedicines to enable innovative cancer therapies

  • Alderley Park Conference Centre (map)
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For our next Alderley Park Science Seminar, we welcome Marianne Ashford, PhD. Marianne is Senior Principal Scientist in Advanced Drug Delivery Group in Pharmaceutical Sciences, part of the Innovative Medicine Biotech Unit at AstraZeneca.

Bringing new medicines to patients remains a considerable challenge.  Attrition rates within the Pharmaceutical Industry remain high and many of the easily “druggable” targets have been already been prosecuted leaving key targets that are considered «undruggable» by traditional small molecule medicinal chemistry or antibodies. One of the major challenges to innovative medicines remains a lack of therapeutic index.

Nanomedicines can enable new drug products by changing a candidate drug’s distribution and increasing the drug concentration at tumour sites relative to healthy tissue. This biodistribution change in combination with careful selection of drug release rate from a nanoparticle has the potential to improve both efficacy and safety, thus enabling promising treatments otherwise limited by narrow therapeutic index.

This talk with discuss two very different nano delivery systems that have been applied to different drug candidates against important drug targets to enable their development.  It will summarise some of the design principles and preclinical, formulation and analytical considerations required for nanomedicine development.  The talk will discuss some of the critical factors involved in translation, namely disease understanding, robust, reproducible scalable manufacturing and advanced analytical characterisation that is required to ensure the determination of the critical quality attributes that impact the safety and efficacy of the nanomedicine.


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