The Park offers a truly comprehensive range of highly specialised services. In fact, it has one of the widest ranges of scientific services of any science park in the UK.  


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Both walk-up (500MHz) and research class (500MHz and high-field 700MHz with cryoprobe) NMR facilities are available to support your research programmes. These are expertly managed by Science Services Manager, Dr.Neil Jones. In addition, specialist knowledge and expertise are also on hand for method development, data interpretation and training.

You can look forward to not just having direct access to all the facilities you need, but also expert support and advice to make the very most of them.

  • Bruker 500MHz NMR with QNP probe (1H, 13C, 19F/31P)

  • Bruker 700MHz NMR with Cryoprobe

  • Sample preparation


Preclinical SERVICES

Whether you work in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology diagnostic or medical device industry, or are part of an academic institution, the team can offer a variety of services. These include a bespoke study design package along with full technical support and consultancy.

No matter which of these specialised services you require, the team will deliver fully interpreted data with speed, accuracy and simplicity every time. They can also work with you and your company to develop your own practical knowledge and experience, providing training on everything from study design to data analysis and interpretation.


The in-house imaging facility at Alderley Park offers a comprehensive range of PET, CT and high frequency ultrasound imaging services. The service also offers imaging research collaboration support and scanner access, all led by Dr Juliana Maynard, an expert imaging scientist with over 15 years of imaging experience.



Our preclinical oncology service offers oncology model development and pharmacology services tailored to a client's need. The service is led by Jane Kendrew who is an oncology expert with over 27 years pharma experience gained in disease models and drug discovery.


Open Access Lab

The Open Access Lab provides supported access to state-of-the-art Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry instrumentation and mass-directed preparative chromatography. Located alongside the shared laboratory, it is operated in partnership by BioCity, the UK’s largest bioscience incubator company and Waters Corporation.

  • H-Class UPLC plus QDa - rapid methodology for reaction monitoring and impurity profiling

  • Fraction Lynx Autoprep - targeted reversed phase purification

  • UPC2 convergence chromatography - analytical SFC separation with QDa mass confirmation for use with chiral and achiral samples


Open / Shared Laboratories

For true flexibility, open bench space and equipment are readily available for specific research projects, to accommodate short term needs and to help make it easier to use other centralised services.


In-Suite Laboratory Services

In order to ensure you have everything you need within your laboratory, the Campus can also provide the following:

  • Pure and ultrapure water

  • Fume cupboards and microbiological safety cabinets

  • Piped and bottled gases

  • Vacuum

  • Refrigeration

  • Critical process monitoring and alarms


Supporting Site Services

To support your research, a comprehensive range of additional services are available if required. These include:

  • Cold storage (4℃, -20℃, -80℃)

  • Ice and dry ice

  • Cryogens

  • Waste disposal (clinical, solvent, chemical)

  • Logistics

  • Glassware washing service

  • Media preparation

  • Sterilisation services

  • Sample dispatch

  • Site Consumables store

  • Lab coat laundry service


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