Co-working laboratories

Offering dedicated lab workstation, write-up desk and communal access to a range of lab kit and services. The coworking lab offers flexible space for you to grow and develop your workflows. Available for a single monthly fee.

Chemistry & BIOLOGY laboratories

Offering a range of laboratories suitable for chemistry and biology use, sized between 300 sq ft and 10,000 sq ft with associated write up space. All the labs are fitted and ready for use. Prices available on request.


No. 1 Mereside offers a coworking lounge, dedicated hot desks, serviced offices (3-15 desks), plus leased offices from 150 sq ft to 500 sq ft, all set within the life science campus. With natural light flooding through and views of the scenic mere, it’s the perfect location for inspiration.

We can provide you with:

Fixed benching  | Class 2 Hood |Safety stations with handwash sinks  |  Power and data installations as standard  |  Piped gases (carbon dioxide, nitrogen and spare pipework)  |  Vacuum 

Available equipment and services include:

Fume cupboard  |  Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet  |  Walk in 4°C cold room  |  -80°C freezer  |  -20°C freezer  |  Ultrapure water  |  Analytical balance  |  Centrifuge  |  Microscope  |  Plate reader  |  Genevac  |  Vacuum, compressed air and nitrogen  |  Waste disposal


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