Alderley Park Shortlisted for OBN Award

As the 10th anniversary of the OBN Awards approaches, we are delighted have been shortlisted within the ‘Best Sector Support’ category.

The full list of finalists is below:

1 Best Start-up Biotech Company, Kindly sponsored by Novo Nordisk

Circadian Therapeutics - developing products that target serious diseases associated with circadian rhythm disruption
IGEM Tx - an Immuno-Oncology company focused on the development of IgE antibody drugs to fight cancer
GammaDelta - developing a pioneering approach to targeted gamma delta T cell therapy which could revolutionise immunotherapy for patients

2 Best Emerging Biotech Company, Kindly sponsored by World Courier

Phoremost - developing new drugs for cancer and other unmet diseases using its SITESEEKER phenotypic screening platform to unmask hidden, or “cryptic” druggable sites
Blue Earth Diagnostics - a molecular imaging diagnostics company focused on the development and commercialization of novel PET imaging agents
Healx - identifies existing drugs that could treat rare diseases, offering a cost effective way to improve patient quality of life

3 Best Established Biotech Company, Kindly sponsored by Horton International

Adaptimmune - transforming cancer immunotherapy with affinity enhanced T-cell receptors
Astex Pharmaceuticals - a leader in innovative drug discovery and development, committed to the fight against cancer and diseases of the central nervous system
F-Star - a leader in the discovery and development of novel bispecific antibodies
Oxford BioMedica - specialising in the development and commercialisation of gene-based medicines

4 Best Diagnostic Medtech Company, Kindly sponsored by Penningtons Manches

Oxford Cancer Biomarkers - pioneering biomarker technologies for cancer therapies
Owlstone Medical - developing breathalysers that provide non-invasive diagnostics for cancer, inflammatory and infectious diseases
Inivata - a global clinical cancer genomics company based on pioneering research from the University of Cambridge
DNA Electronics - breakthrough DNA analysis technology brings patients the benefits of fast and insightful diagnostics

5 Best Imaging Medtech Company

Adaptix - low-dose, affordable 3D Imaging brought to the patient faster
Perspectum - delivering digital technologies for the better care of patients with liver disease
Beamline Diagnostics - developing a biopsy triaging system that can identify healthy and benign tissue specimens with high accuracy within seconds

6 Best Innovative Medtech Company, Kindly sponsored by James Cowper Kreston

Medherant - creating a sustainable, next-generation transdermal drug delivery patch platform
NeoTherix - a regenerative medicine company specialising in the development of novel bioresorbable scaffolds for tissue regeneration and repair
Tarilian Laser Technologies - a global innovator in medical devices, digital technology and engineering
Invizius - developing H-Guard™ technology, to address the side effects of hemodialysis to help patients feel better, and suffer fewer cardiovascular complications

7 Best Implementation of Digital Technology for Healthcare

Medopad - developing apps that lead the way to improving every stage of the patient treatment process
OurPath - an online programme to help patients make the changes needed to become healthier
Umotif - fast, scalable & engaging patient-centred data capture platform for modern research
Ieso Digital Health - provides online cognitive behaviour therapy to treat a range of mental health conditions

8 Best Specialist CRO

Horizon Discovery - developing and supplying drug discovery tools and diagnostic reference materials, and in particular a comprehensive CRISPR screening service
Diamond Pharma Services - a leading technical services and consulting group, providing expert support in particular to cell and gene therapy companies
Aptus Clinical - a specialist UK-based Clinical CRO with particular expertise in oncology and rare diseases
Precision for Medicine - offering a uniquely integrated service for finding better treatment options for rare diseases and in oncology

9 Best Sector Support Organisation

UnitDX - a scientific innovation centre for start-ups, SMEs and industrial teams
Boyd Consultants - working with new biotech and medtech companies to provide strategic advice and accelerate progress
Alderley Park - offers exceptional bioscience facilities for R&D focussed life science companies at every stage of their life-cycle

10 Best Emerging Synthetic Biology Company, Kindly judged and sponsored by SynbiCITE

Evonetix - revolutionising de novo gene synthesis to facilitate the fast-growing and exciting field of synthetic biology
OxSyBio - developing 3D printing techniques to produce a range of tissue-like and functional tissues for medical research and clinical applications
Oxford Genetics - improving the design and development of biological therapeutics via DNA design and the optimisation of virus and protein expression systems

11 The BioSeed™ One to Watch Award, Kindly sponsored by Precision for Medicine

Pragma Therapeutics - developing innovative small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and hearing loss
CHAIN Biotech - developing a Clostridium-based microbial technology for high-value healthcare products
MIP Diagnostics - developing nanoMIPs, a versatile, robust and highly stable alternative to antibodies
MuMac - innovative ophthalmic instruments for the rapid screening of eye diseases

Please note: The winner of the 'Outstanding Achievement Award', and the ‘Special Recognition Award’, Kindly sponsored by MEPC will be announced on 11 October.

Katie Droogan