YProtech Celebrates 3rd Anniversary at Alderley Park


Chemistry CRO YProtech is celebrating their three year anniversary at Alderley Park.

YProtech’s core business of chemistry synthesis services are focused predominantly at the pharma and biotech sector, and more specifically drug discovery companies. Their services span early phase pre-clinical R&D including medicinal chemistry, lead identification and lead optimisation; through to early development and scale up synthesis of intermediates and APIs. With their current facilities they focus on the synthesis of targeted compound libraries on the milligrams scale - to the supply of compounds of the small kilograms scale.

In addition to their core business, in 2017 YProtech opened a specialist facility for the synthesis of high potency compounds. The facility includes a cleanroom with isolator, dedicated wet chemistry lab and a controlled pressure cascade environment. With this facility they offer early development and scale up capability for high potency compounds such as cytotoxins, opioids, steroids and hormones. As well as the high potency chemistry services, they have established a product range focused on the growing Antibody Drug Conjugate market which includes a selection of linkers and cytotoxins.

Three years ago, YProtech decided Alderley Park was the home for them. A key factor in their decision was the excellent scientific facilities and infrastructure.  This, alongside the emerging cluster of innovative biotech and pharma companies present on the Park, and access to the Waters Open Access Laboratory, sealed the deal.

Since relocating to Alderley Park, YProtech has undergone a sustained period of growth and development. The company has doubled in size, taken additional lab and office space and now employs 13 staff.

What’s more, YProtech’s customer base has expanded with the addition of 37 new customers. While three quarters of the customers are UK based, they have also acquired global customers from Central Europe, North America and Asia.

The growth of the businesses is expected to continue over the next twelve months with recruitment continuing and plans for additional laboratory and office space under development. Expansion of the core business services with the recruitment of experienced medicinal chemists is being driven by customer demand and as the high potency business is established, new linker and toxin products are continually being developed.

Dr Stuart Brown, Director of Business Development at YProtech commented, “The last three years have flown past and the company has come a long way and matured in that time. We have established a broad repeat customer base in pharma and biotech drug discovery, and will continue to grow our core services and our high potency business for the next phase of development of the company.”

For additional information on YProtech’s capabilities and expertise please visit their website at www.yprotech.com or contact them directly at info@yrotech.com or +44 (0)1625 238885.

Katie Droogan