The Patient Recruitment Consultancy and Bioscript Launch New Partnership

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The Patient Recruitment Consultancy and Bioscript, both based at Alderley Park, are delighted to announce the launch of a partnership to offer bespoke, patient-focused, cost-effective patient recruitment and retention services.

Recruiting and retaining patients is a major cause of clinical trial delays, with over three quarters of all clinical trials currently failing to meet their recruitment deadlines. What’s more, up to 45% of study delays of six months or more can be attributed to recruitment challenges, whilst 80% of sponsors say finding eligible patients is a significant barrier to recruitment. The new partnership will provide the expertise to develop patient recruitment strategies to overcome these barriers, either concurrently with protocol development, or retrospectively for studies experiencing delays in enrolment or high drop-out rates.

The Patient Recruitment Consultancy offer expertise in patient experiences, recruitment and retention in clinical trials, whilst Bioscript is an independent agency group offering strategic scientific communications to international pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. Through understanding the patient journey and the clinical study protocol, and identifying the needs of the investigational sites, the partnership provides strategic and rescue patient recruitment and retention planning. Services offered include the development of communications and resources for patients and healthcare professionals, and bespoke capability assessments, together with training for all individuals involved with patient recruitment and clinical trial delivery.

With global expertise across therapeutic areas, clinical development milestones, and patient age ranges, the partnership is perfectly positioned to provide teams with the vision, support and advice you need.

If you are developing a clinical trial protocol, planning patient recruitment and retention, or experiencing issues with a clinical trial due to delayed patient recruitment, poor patient retention or loss to follow up, please get in touch.

To find out more, please contact:

Ann Coulson | |+44 (0) 7769 299670

Judy Brownsword | |+44 (0) 7957 071611

Katie Droogan