Survey – State of the Discovery Nation 2019

State of the discovery nation survey closing soon – still time to get your views heard!

Last year Medicines Discovery Catapult and the BioIndustry Association conducted research focussed on SMEs in the medicines R&D sector to understand their needs and challenges. The results were published in the State of the Discovery Nation 2018.

This year they’re carrying out the research again – to help look for trends, changes, and dive deeper into some key topics. In order to make sure the findings are as robust as possible, they need to maximise responses from UK SMEs that are involved in drug discovery.

The report based on the survey, State of the Discovery Nation 2019, will be published early next year and will be publicly available from our website.

What they’ve heard so far from survey responses

  • Range of views on the sector overall

“Based on our experience, and the survey results in so far, we are hearing that SMEs in the sector are split pretty equally between those who feel more positive, the same, and less positive, compared to last year.” 

  • Optimism in key areas and calls for help in others

“In our key areas of complex cell models and Artificial Intelligence in drug discovery, we are hearing lots of optimism, combined with the need for third party or standardised validation of complex cell models and the importance of commercially feasible data access for building AI models. We’ve heard that Medicines Discovery Catapult can help by promoting the sector, and the government can help by increasing very early stage funding.”

How you can help:

Katie Droogan