Gelexir Healthcare Ltd rebrands and becomes Gelmetix


Gelexir Healthcare Ltd, a company known for its innovative technology originally developed at the University of Manchester, is proud to announce its rebranding process is complete as it officially becomes ‘Gelmetix’.

Gelmetix is a medical device company developing multiple grades of polymer gel to provide affordable non-invasive alternatives to surgery for conditions like chronic lower back pain and osteoarthritis. Based on technology developed at the University of Manchester, headed by Professor Tony Freemont, the company aims to become a diversified solution-platform for large unmet medical needs.

This rebranding process has been carried out to emphasise Gelmetix’s new strategy, switching from a 1 product to a multi product strategy focused on three key product areas: Chronic Low Back Pain, Small Joints Osteoarthritis and Knee Osteoarthritis.

Philippe Jenny, CEO of Gelmetix, stated that “We are very excited to share the new branding which is highlighting our multi biomimetic gel, multi application, multi product strategy. This branding will better identify us on the orthopaedic market while opening multiple new business opportunities."

To learn more about these exciting developments, visit Gelmetix’s new website

Katie Droogan